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Taper Bushings From Factory

Taper Bushings From Factory

Taper Lock Bushing Feature

1. High torque transmission capability

2. No noise, high efficiency, low maintainance

Taper lock bushing to install

1.Clean shaft,bore,and outside of bushing,and bore of hub(taking bushing from hub if already assembled).Remove any oil.lacquer,or dirt.Placing bushing in hub and match half holes to make complete holes(each complete hole will be threaded on one side only).

2.Oil thread and point of set screws or thread and under head of cap screws.Place screws loosely in holes thatare threaded in hub one side see install bore.

3.Make sure bushing is free in hub.Slip assembly onto shaft and locatd in position desired.

4.Tighten screws alternately and evenly until all are pulled up very tightly.Use a piece of pipe on wrench to increase leverage,please refer to taper bushing screw torque which need to be asked.


we are taper bushings from factory,we can guarantee quality.