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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant (8)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020. Today we are going to enumerating our relocated “family valuables”, to learn about the history of these facilities’ “today and yesterday”.

Actuators product are key product of the company, with large demand in the market. In order to ensure orders delivery on time and to improve production capacity, the company newly purchased 13 sets CNC (6 sets for couplings workshop) and 3 sets digital controlled lathe, with existing 17 sets CNC in actuators workshop, the processing capacity increased by 70%.


Using CNC is able to realize multiple clamp machining procedures of milling, drilling, tapping and boring for series actuators box cover at one time, which is our implementation of the "one-stop" process to improve efficiency and ensure quality.

The relocation of the company at this time is different from previous two times, which is not only transfer equipment in space, but also permeated with "6S" management concept during this relocation process, as well as adhering to the initial commitment of "Cost Saving", with the great changes in "quality".


What most popular from us are custom products, some orders are small, but tools cost high, calculate this to the product will inevitably push up product pricing. In order to reduce customer’s purchasing cost, we newly purchased 4 sets CNC slotting machines used for keyway machining work for small orders, it much more economy than broaching machines and wire cutting machining. Things like this, for the sake of customers, to improve from production process or technology, it’s a huge task but we are pushing forward!


Let's have a look at this 5 "milling brothers". They are our homemade simple milling machines, which is used for radian milling in vortex shaft machining work, those milling machines transform from our old sprocket factory's "homemade special machine". After the numerical control transformation, each operator is able to operate 5-6 machines at the same time. Although they are not from any famous brands, but adhere to the principles “practical first”.


In this relocation, equipment settled in the new plant will be changed cover, heavy repair, system upgrade, etc. so as to ensure the facilities accuracy, good appearance, leakage-proof and environment protection. At present, we have completed 6 sets major repair and installation of CNC vertical machines, and 38 sets CNC vertical machines CK40P and CK32P. 


Just because of these newly purchased “treasure”, together with our existing upgraded and transformed equipment, make the new CAPT plant like a “tiger with wings added”, get ready to undertake orders to come in flocks! “Sprocket man”, we are ready!