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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant (9)

Wednesday, September 2, 2020. “Indian Summer” unabated, the relocation project of CAPT new plant is drawing to a close. In this golden September, we ushered in the 20th “Quality Month” of the company, the purpose of this "quality month" is "self-improvement, common improvement, lay a solid foundation". look at our staffs of each workshops, all of them are ready to try!

As of today, we have relocated 82 sets of planned 92 sets facilities of actuator and packing workshop; and we have relocated 106 sets of planned 140 sets facilities of couplings workshop, there are 14 sets equipment remaining to fix the external protection covers or to finish heavy repair, moreover, equipment manufacture workshop is complete all relocation work.


On August 30, the coupling workshop which relocated in the new plant earlier conducted the mobilization for “Quality Month” in advance, and the mobilization meeting conducted by Ren Feng, the technical manager of the workshop at lunch break time after having lunch, In order to control the "first part" problem of batch unqualified products, they carry out the "first part" customized management, made special "first part rack", and train the staff how to use it, The vertical plate use magnetic buckle to hang up the drawing, process flow diagram, the upper layer puts the most commonly used gauge and fixtures; on the middle layer put the first part on green pad; on the lower layer with yellow and red pads used for disposal and waste products respectively. To guide workers to develop unqualified products "Never put off them till tomorrow" habits.


On September 1st, the standard product department as part of relocation project phase II, Mr.Gao Qingfeng, the technical manager who combined with experience and lessons conducted the training of “staffs matters and attention of quality month” to staffs.

Strengthen the control of the first piece: the first piece shall be delivered to the authorized inspector for reinspection after self-inspection, and the batch production shall be carried out only after passing the first piece

Process sampling inspection;

Apply oil to prevent rust and knock;

Summarize experience and lessons of previous quality accidents, improve product processing and testing skills;

Production site: article positioning management, clear marking, orderly arrangement of workstation and equipment.


Mr.Ge Zhenhe, the section chief who made use of the workshop board conducted "Quality is market, improvement is the progress" mobilization.

On September 2nd, custom Product Department implemented "Quality Month morning meeting", department manager Li Yuhai announced the agenda of the morning meeting: all the staff were required to gather at 8:30; greeting and encouragement to all staffs; announce the problem of the last day; speech by each section chief, analysis of the cause of the problem and corrective measures; department manager led the study of the detailed rules of the activity of the quality month and arranged the key work of the new day, The purpose is to turn "how to arrange the quality month" into "how to do during the quality month", which means action and result!


What kind of “Spark” we will see when “Relocation” came across “Quality Month”?  Let us wait and see!