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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant(10)

September 8, 2020Tuesday. The equipment relocation of the new plant has been basically completed, and the 6S management work after the relocation is also stepping up. Only a few of the transferred equipment are still being debugged. During this period, the "quality month" routine inspection team came to the new factory for inspection, mainly consisting of the quality inspection department, including the technical deputy director of each workshop. 

As of today, equipment relocation is basically completed, we can see a busy production scene. I recorded the relocation progress with everyone through the lens, and saw the equipment of the new factory moved into the new home like "swallows carrying mud". The staff of the new factory is increasing day by day, and now all the staff are working in the new factory. We can see cadres and workers tired and smiling all the way, thank you everyone!


The Valve Actuator workshop, as the "pioneer" of lean 6S management, after the relocation, the finishing work is steadily advancing under the guidance of Lean engineers. "Open Warehouse" has taken shape, and the staff is cutting and pasting labels.


"Quality month" is carried out every 10 days, taking the lead of the director of quality control and the technical deputy directors of each workshop are inspecting the Valve Actuator workshop. Relocation does not affect the "Quality month" evaluation.


The 6S management of the Connecting workshop has also been partially improved, and the "location frame" and "stamen shaft assembly frame" have been put into use. "location frame" can also bring alternative "mobile office" !


6S management identify relocation opportunities, in the layout and reasonable use of working position apparatus and other aspects, from the root to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and benefits. "Quality" is the cornerstone of our company's survival, "good quality" will also give the company's long-term development into new power!