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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant(15)

On Tuesday, October 20th, 2020. The new plant has gone to the second stage of reorganization and rectification. In order to maximize the subjective initiative of the employees, promote management innovation, explore feasible improvement suggestions, improve work efficiency and rationality, optimize operating procedures, reduce costs, and achieve stable and sustainable development of the company, the "Rationalization Proposal Startup Conference" was held, and the focus on the participation of all employees, teamwork and make reorganization and rectification in order. I saw that reorganization and rectification work was proceed tightly, and the progress changes every day.

On the afternoon of October 16th, the company held the CAPT "Rationalization Proposal Initiation Conference" in the meeting room on the first floor for 3 months. At the initiation meeting, Lean department Director Yao hoped that the majority of employees would learn from this meeting: “Learn to gain; gain to use; use to benefit; benefit to broadcast”.


The Lean department interpreted the system documents of this rationalization suggestion, "Teach them to fish", taught everyone how to make rationalization suggestions through OA and Dingding, analyzed rejected cases, and shared the before excellent cases, so as to encourage everyone avoid detours as much as possible and improve the efficiency of adopting rationalization suggestions, and specified that cash or prizes will be awarded according to the proportion of reduced or saved expenses.


Finally, Manager Kong also gave work instructions for the event: request the main leaders of all units to do a good job of publicity, and mobilize everyone's enthusiasm to take part in the improvement of production management; reflect the characteristics of the new plant, focusing on equipment, technology, layout, production Safety, environmental protection, etc.; organization method is scientific, and  rationalization proposal is combined with technical research and new product development; each unit organizes the department’s activities as the carrier of this activity; pay attention to timeliness. Achieving our goal of this event: have suggestions every day; make improvements timely; proposals of no size; make you, me, and others! The participating staff enthusiastically made a unified oath on the goal of the event!


Workers in the Valve Actuator workshop are arranging, sorting, and putting them on shelves orderly.


Various labels of the joint branch workshop are being posted gradually.


The employees of our overhaul section and the support personnel drawn from other maintenance teams are continuing to repairing the company's self-made equipment. They re-distributed the electrical system, overhauled or upgraded the system, and replaced the guard. The Lean Office also works closely with the supervisors in order to improve the efficiency of reorganization and speed up the progress.


Now, the Valve Actuator workshop needs to work overtime from time to time in order to ensure timely delivery. Looking at the boxes of blanks in the joint branch workshop, there are some "big guys" with a diameter of 1.3 meters. I am really pleased. Under the economic environment in this year, "there is grain in hand, so don't panic in my heart". Our orders are the hope of our employees!


Cherish our hard-won production situation! "The big river has water, the small river is full". Take action, starting from the reasonable suggestions around you and me, finally the company is all of us, our source of food and clothing, and the guarantee of our basic life!