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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant(16)

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020. In order to do a good job for the company’s rationalization recommendations, the lean office conducted three batches of Rationalization recommendations and 6S management training for all employees from October 20th to today October 28th, and added Lean summarize》 for the department managers.


Lean office constantly summarizes, enriches and updates their training teaching plans in time after training, and explains the status or cases around the employees with theory. It's easy to understand, all can remember or listen, and learn hard. The workers in the workshop should pay close attention to 1 hour at noon and take part in the training in phases and batches so as not to delay production and daily work as much as possible. The masters of our cafeteria rushed over nervously after preparing meals for everyone. After moving to the new cafeteria, their 6S management has made rapid progress.


At the training scene, the lean office and the information center taught everyone how to make reasonable suggestions through Dingding App. Also, the support department information center specially developed the CAPT Rationalization Proposal Approval Form in the Dingding system, so that all employees can make suggestions easily through mobile phones.


In the process of launching the Rationalization Suggestion System to reduce production costs, our equipment workshops practiced actively "repairing the old and benefiting from waste and reducing costs." They changed the size of the old plug gauge and reamer to a smaller size and then a smaller size to maximize their utility. If the reamer of ∮10 is changed to ∮9.5, it can be changed to ∮9 after using.


What is nice is, in today's training, it is learned from the statistics of the lean office that the front-line employees has already put forward reasonable suggestions for the excessive processing waste in the "eight wastes". Therefore, through the training of the awareness of lean production, and the smoothness of the system, the lean management personnel follow up closely, rationalize the classification management of the administrators, and all employees participate in the process of lean production and management, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. A good situation to reduce costs!