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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant(18)

Wednesday, November 11, 2020. In the west region of new plant, building and office construction was accelerated. Heat treatment workshop act as the “pioneer team” has entered and started site construction. Company will announce results of this quality month according to data evaluation (Await for all current contracts delivered, count final data)

Outer wall of the new office building is covered with clean “industrial grey”, intersperse with warm cream-colored occasionally, the outer wall is basically finished. The thick double-layer glass on the wall is excellent in sound insulation and noise reduction, this kind of ornamental art glass is energy-saving, it’s also known as Low-E glass.


According to the relocation scheme assignment, heat treatment workshop will as the pioneer relocation team in the west region, there is only a few months left for relocation preparation. They have located pit and slot before ground laying construction, at present, 4 workshop staffs are stationed at site, they cooperate with each other on hot melting, assemble and cooling of pipeline construction work in one go.


Firefighting facilities are being installed by professionals. Two-span foundation on southernmost has been levelled in place.


The company's "Quality month" summary and commendation meeting was held on the afternoon of November 10th at conference room on the first floor. The winners are as follows:


TCP machine operation team

First award: OEM Products Department

Second award:Precision Products Department

TCP Non-machine operation team

First award: T Finished product processing workshop

Winning award:T final inspection team


TCP "quality month" open activity theme, it will propose key improve matter by each department according to their own weakness, aim to "single defective product" and "batch unqualified product occurrence" matter get obviously control through the activity, to really achieve: "self-improvement, common improvement, and tamping skill foundation for all".

CAPT select the winning award:

Machine operation team: coupling workshop taper bushing section and valve actuator work shop

Non-machine operation team: Casting workshop and actuator packing workshop 


CAPT "Quality month" is during the time of company relocation critical stage, achieved a smooth transition of quality control, "0" quality accidents and "0" customer complaints, the main quality indicators reached annual best.

On the meeting, representatives of the winning departments also shared their experiences. "Quality" is not just a slogan, but our "root". Only with consistent support from more and more employees, and continuous improvement of each workshop, so that, we can play the role of "stepping stone" and "pass" in the market, and enable us to go further.