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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Plant(19)

On Wednesday Nov,18th, 2020. After a night of rain, the city became cold. Wind moved, cold became heavy, it tells us the winter is coming.  Winter has the strong appearance, also has inner beauty. It seems tell us : only through severe tests in life ,we will get the best things.  The old year has passed, and the new road will go further.

The lean office offered gift rewards to employees for the "October Rationalization Proposal", and excellent proposal staff introduced and shared their proposals on site. After the awards, manager Lu hopes that everyone will continue to work hard and encourage employees to offer ideas to the company based on the principle of "saving costs, tap potential and reduce consumption", develop their talents and forward reasonable suggestions around their posts from all aspects and links . 


At present, the operators of the new plant are rushing to work. Let’s take a look at the progress of the work:

The bright glass has been installed on the east and north sides



The southernmost two-span concrete has been completed, and the roof has been paved one layer. 


"Three pipelines ":  some of firefighting, drainage pipes and heating pipes have been installed. 


Everyone is full of energy and strive to complete the installation of the plant, ground, water, electricity, heating, and firefighting before November 30.