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Product Numbers: 20153693928

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G/H/P1/P2/P3/B/Q1/Q2/Q3/R1/R2/S1 /S2/U0/U1/U2/W1/W2 

(Apply to North America market)

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(Apply to North America market)

Cone Sleeve is a new type of mechanical transmission connecting part, which has the characteristics of high standardization, high precision, compact structure, convenient installation and disassembly. Belt Pulley, sprocket and other transmission parts of the cone pressed connection, so that a variety of transmission parts of the centering precision greatly improved. Cone Sleeve size is a series of standard design. Universal interchangeability is very good, applicable to all occasions. When the transmission parts have been running for a long time, the inner hole and chain slot may be damaged. If the transmission parts are using this kind of taper sleeve, in this case, it is only necessary to replace the taper sleeve of the same specification to resume the use. Therefore, the service life of the transmission parts is greatly increased, the maintenance cost is reduced, and the time is saved.

taper bushing wholesales

we are taper bushing wholesales provide taper bushing for sale ,we can guarantee quality,visit us and request a quote today.